The market

Today's businesses want to leverage data and customer insights to create more rich and value added relationships with their consumers

Why Paysure?

Frictionless integrated payments

Paysure goes beyond network level controls and uniquely enables businesses to control individual payments with intelligent with actionable, industry-specific context


Products & use cases

Truly transformative; smart, conditional payments empower service businesses to fully digitize. Paysure empowers incumbents to leapfrog neotechs

Use Case: Insurance

An innovative solution

Claims are often inconvenient for customers, burdened with lengthy calls or paperwork. They are also inefficient for insurance businesses with time-consuming processing. Paysure has developed a suite of technologies to enable simple claims and seamless payments


Widespread recognition and acceptance, proven technologies tailored to insurance


Selective automation driven by the specific context of every claim with real-time controls to manage risk


Customers engaged throughout the process with significant efficiency gains

Use Case: Disbursements

Real-time financial controls

Proactively enforce expense policies in real time, making life easier for both the employee and company.
Fully eliminates out-of-pocket reimbursements with smart payments, which are controlled automatically to expense policies. Cut out receipt fraud and gain ultimate insight into corporate expenses


All spend controlled in real-time at transaction level ensuring full adherence to expense policies


Eliminates administration for employees, managers and
finance operations


All stakeholders know exactly what expenses are in policy to avoid misunderstandings


Paysure's platform has been built from the ground up with banking-grade security and multi-jurisdiction regulatory environments in mind.
API-based integration is available as well as effective solutions for traditional platforms.

White-labelled portal or API integration

Rule-based and smart contextual controls
Real-time notifications
Compliant multi-jurisdiction data

Proprietary Analytics Engine

Payment network agnostic
Uses industry-specific and external data in
real-time to control individual transactions
Familiarity - works like any other payment

End-user Mobile App / APIs

Guided workflows to simplify entire process
Instant notifications at each stage
Major mobile wallet integrations

Geographic Coverage

Paysure's team comes from a diverse background including insurance, technology, payments and finance.

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